Marathwada Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's


Smita Shinde

Principal Deogiri Global Academy Aurangabad

Principal Desk

Children will learn only in an atmosphere where they feel they are
valued these words from NCF 2005 hold very true for us.
We at Deogiri Global Academy aim at providing the opportunity to
every child to vie with his neighbor in academics,
sports and fine arts.Children shall be trained in the leadership
qualities of honesty, integrity and love for the nation.
thus grow up a strong and fit to take up his rightful placein society
and ready to face the biggest challenge of all, life.

# Photo Name Designation Qualification
1 Mrs Prerna solapure PRT B.A. , B.ED
2 Mrs.Nasreen Begum PRT B.A , D.ED , DCA
3 Mrs. Heena Kausar PRT , B.ed
4 Mrs. Manju Kolekar PRT B.A. , D.ED
5 Mrs Shirin Shaikh PRT Bsc.Bed. DCA
6 Mrs. Lata Kapse PRT M.SC , B.ED
7 Mrs. Tarranum Batoq Rana PRT B.A. , B.ed
8 Mrs. Dipti Khanzode PRT M.A. , B.ED
9 Mrs. Rupali Shah PRT M.COM , B.ED
10 Mrs. Sonam Chavan PRT M,SC, D.ED , M.A. B.ED
11 Mrs. Priya Suryawanshi PRT D.ED , B.A., B.ED, M.A
12 Mrs. Harshita Gundle PRT M.A, B.ed
13 Mrs. Ashwini Videkar PRT D.ed , B.ed
14 Mrs. Rekha Bhalerao PRT M.A. , B.ED
15 Asma Khan Binish PRT M.A., B.ED.
16 Mr. Ilahi Rajak Shetasandi PRT M.A., D.T.ED
17 Mrs. Savita Manohar PRT , M.ed , M.A. P.HD
18 Mrs. Sonal Birare PRT M.SC , B.ED
19 Mr. Jayesh Shinde PRT B.A. , B.PED
20 Mr. Siddharth Brahma PRT B.FA / M.FA
21 Mrs. Manita Kumari TGT M.A. , B.ED
22 Mrs. Mamta Chawda TGT B.A.B.ED
23 Mrs. Namrata Deshpande TGT M.A. B.ED
24 Mrs.Nalini Parrey TGT B.SC , B.ED
25 Mrs. Sonam Darap TGT B.A. , B.ED
26 Mrs.Rani Sawant TGT M.A.B.ED
27 Mrs. Sonali Deshmukh TGT B.A., D.ED
28 Mrs. Vaishali Sorde TGT M.SC , B.ED
29 Mrs . Pushpa Patil TGT M.SC , B.ED
30 Mr. Balu Salgude TGT M.A., B.ED.
31 Mrs. Nandeeta Gajkunshe TGT B.COM , B.ED
32 Mrs. Shabda Pande TGT M.A. , B.ED
33 Mr. Santosh Sadaphule TGT MTA
34 Mrs. Manisha Upasani TGT Bsc.B.ed.
35 Mrs. Surekha Sakunde TGT B.A. B.ED
36 Mrs. Revamma Prabhakaran TGT M.A/ M.Phil
37 Mrs. Vidya Borde TGT M.A. , B.ED
38 Mr. Anand Surywanshi TGT M.SC , B.ED
39 Mrs. Chand Kausar TGT M.SC , B.ED
40 Mrs. Reshmi Gothi TGT M.A. B.ed
41 Mrs. Kalpana Jaiswal TGT M.A. B.ed
42 Mrs. Rupali Mahindrakar TGT B.SC.B.ED
43 Mrs.Priti Sakhare TGT Msc. B.ed LLB
44 Mr. Umakant Joshi TGT M.A. B.ED
45 Mr.Dilip Jadhav TGT ( PTI ) M.A.B.ED ,B.PED ,M.phil, PH.D. SET
46 Mr. Sanjay Jagtap TGT A.T.D.,B.FA, DIP AED.
47 Mrs. Yogita Gawade PRT M.A. , B.ED
48 Mr. Madhav Mane TGT B.ED , M.A. , SANSKRIT
49 Mrs. Anupama Waghmare PRT M.A., B.ED.
50 Mrs. Jyoti Tekale TGT M.A.B.ED
51 Mrs. Supriya Bhale LIBRARIAN M.LIB , B.ED