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Leave and Absences

1.    In all cases of absence, parents / guardians should notify the class teacher through the student’s diary or through Leave Application.
2.    Prior sanction must be sought from the Principal through a written application, in case of absence exceeding three days.
3.    Prolonged absence on medical grounds should be supported by a Medical Certificate.
4.    Students suffering from contagious or infectious diseases must refrain from attending school until the completion of the quarantine period. They will not be permitted to attend School until they produce a Medical Certificate of clearance.
5.    If a child is to leave early from school, a letter of authority should be given to the person, who other than the parent is collecting the child.

Kindly check the child’s school diary daily.

•    Attend all the open house sessions and functions.
•    Send your child to school regularly on time in complete and clean uniform.
•    Carry ID Card when entering the school premises,
•    Avoid criticism and use of negative or harsh language for your child.
•    Encourage and motivate your child when he/she is right.
•    Do not compare your child with the other children.
•    Take an appointment immediately with the child’s counsellor if you observe any change in his/her behaviour.
•    Immediately notify any change in address and/or telephone number to the class teacher.
•    Spend quality time with your child – Observe, Listen and Communicate.

*Parents are not allowed to enter the school premises with their cars/vehicles. Parking should be done outside the school gate.

*These rules and regulations may be changed at any time at the discretion of the Director. In any event the decision of the Director is final and binding.